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Our Showroom
Our Showroom

Whether you are looking to install automation into a commercial or residential building, here at Security Services we provide the complete design service and build a bespoke home automation system to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Providing Security For Over 30yrs
We Are Available 24/7
Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee
  • Providing Security For Over 30yrs
  • We Are Available 24/7
  • Quality Recognised Equipment Guarantee

Our Showroom

The terminology “smart home” is evolving. People are starting to understand now that it’s not only a modern addition to your home, but it can make your life more enjoyable, convenient, comfortable and safe.

There are countless ways to enhance your environment with our home automation systems:

Comfort and convenience. With access from a control panel, remote, iPad, smartphone or web browser, our systems allow you to control any aspect of your environment, from lighting, entertainment, security, simply put anything — any time, from any place.

Energy savings. Our systems can set the heating to an energy saving setting when the house is unoccupied, and restore it to the normal setting when you return. A simple application helps reduce your energy usage and starts saving money immediately.

Ambiance control. You can automatically adjust lighting, temperature, music levels and television channels, to reflect your personal preferences — or even the preferences of individual family members — depending on who enters the room.

Teens in the house?

If you have teenage children, you definitely want to have eyes on the house at all times. So when you are at work or simply out shopping, knowing that you can monitor whether the doors are locked,  if the garage door is down, and the ability to peek in on things with some internal and external cameras lets you know everyone is safe and sound.

Home Automation can be fun too!

Imagine each member of the family having a button on the wall that cues up their personalised, curated Spotify playlist which can be played through the kitchen and any other living spaces you choose to.

Do you constantly shout those words “dinner time” which constantly falls on deaf ears?! Just imagine if you could pause that playstation or xbox and display the words “dinner time” on their screen – mealtimes will never be the same again.

And sleep……

You can programme your house to automatically go to sleep, for instance half an hour after sunset, the blinds will lower, the lights will shift—some turning off , some turning on, and some dimming, a nice visual cue that the day is over and it’s time to wind down. And when you’re ready for bed the simple press of a button turns off every light and television, then arms the alarm.

There is a smart home solution for you that will make your life better and simpler at home or work, for any budget and at your own pace.

In order to fully understand and appreciate how Control 4 can fit into your life or workplace, we invite you to visit our newly opened showroom at our Shrewsbury office.  You will be able to experience first hand how we can blend various home technologies to work in unison creating unique experiences.

Just some of the Control4 features on show for demonstration:

  • Custom lit LED switches to alert you to events.
  • Control all your media, lighting, blinds, heating & security easily from a Control4 touch pad, mobile device, remote control or Alexa.
  • View live events on the CCTV system.
  • Timed events for any electrical device or motor.
  • Holiday modes that record and then play back the activity lighting, blinds and AV system.
  • Remote access to AV, Lighting, Heating & Security.
  • Know when your doors open and lock.
  • Email alerts for anything.
  • Complete custom programmability

The possibilities are endless!

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